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"XTC"-Clip released
August, 15th, 2012

Today Love.Might.Kill released their new video "XTC" from their brandnew album "2 Big 2 Fail", which comes out in Europe on October, 19th via Massacre Records. Enjoy ;-)

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August, 14th, 2012

On August, 15th Love.Might.Kill will release their brandnew video! Here´s a short teaser for "XTC" taken from their "2 BIG 2 FAIL"-album, out on October, 19th!

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"Charlys"-Show brought forward!!!
August, 14th, 2012

We had to bring forward the show at "Charlys" in Oldenburg from October, 23rd to 22nd!



"2 BIG 2 FAIL" - Tour 2012
July, 16th, 2012

After the release of their second album "2 BIG 2 FAIL" Love.Might.Kill will be on tour in Germany.



2. Studio-Clip online
July, 06th, 2012

Check out the brandnew videoclip featuring our  bass- and guitarrecordings. Don´t forget: Love.Might.Kill´s second album "2 BIG 2 FAIL" will be released in October ;-)

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"XTC" - Videoshooting
June, 30th, 2012

Love.Might.Kill soon will release a videoclip of the song "XTC" from the upcoming album "2 BIG 2 FAIL". Similar to "Pretty Little Mess" the clip was directed by guitarist Stefan Ellerhorst, while Jochen Donauer once again edited the video. Rico von Hollen was responsible for the great shootings.

"2 BIG 2 FAIL" will be released in October via Massacre Records in Europa and Hydrant Music in Japan, followed by a tour in Germany. The dates will be announced soon!

Photo: Kurt Baumgardt


"2 BIG 2 FAIL" - Studio-clip released
May, 13th, 2012

Love.Might.Kill currently are working on the follower of their debut-album "Brace for impact". It will be titled "2 Big 2 Fail" and released in October via Massacre Records in Europe. Besides the titletrack the album will feature songtitles like f.e.: "XTC", "Burn the night", "The one", "Pleasure and pain", "The great escape", "The perfect mistake", "We fall" and "Restless heart". The album was once again produced by  Michael Ehré, while Markus Teske is responsible for the mix and the mastering in his Bazement-Studios.

Here are some impressions from the recordingsessions (more clips will follow):

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News about the "Brace For Impact"-follower
February, 10th, 2012

Currently Love.Might.Kill are working on the follower of their debut album "Brace For Impact". Once again it will be produced by Michael Ehré and mixed by Markus Teske in his Bazement-Studios.


While "Brace For Impact" was composed by Michael and Jan, Love.Might.Kill now have three more fantastic songwriters, since Christian Stöver (git.), Stefan Ellerhorst (git.) and Sascha Onnen (keyb.) joined the band. The material composed so far shows that the band will be able to even top their highly acclaimed debut album. Soon the band will announce the name of the album along with some songtitles! The record will be released in October through Massacre Records (Europe) and Hydrant Music (Japan) .

Besides that Love.Might.Kill will surprise their fans with a little special in the next weeks....we keep you posted ;-)